Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

I must preface this post. The images aren't great. All images were taken with my Black Berry -- since we'd just moved, my 5D and all of my equipment were packed away safely--so no pretty pictures. Bear with me, please!

One of the great things about moving is all of the inspiration that comes with moving into a new place!

When we moved into our home here, we were ecstatic about the great big backyard, the open floorplan, and the amount of space. Unfortunately, with this also came HORRIBLE wallpapering. Our dining room had this:

And you don't EVEN want to know what our bathroom & our bedroom looked like. Let's just say irridescent wallpaper is NOT a good thing.

I spent the first few days ripping off all of the old wallpaper. By the time I was done, my poor fingers were raw. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do afterwards since this is a rental and we don't want to spend a lot of $$ on a temporary home. One thing I did know was that I couldn't spend the next however long living with this God awful wallpaper.

I decided to take a trip to Home Depot. Lowes is my lover, but there isn't one I have to settle. (((Shhh. Don't tell him!)))

I was walking through the lighting section & spotted a cardboard display of texturized wallpaper on sale for 12 bucks. I remember reading about the beadboard wallpaper on Rhoda's blog. I decided to grab a roll and give it a try. ANYTHING had to be better than what was previously hanging on the walls.

So, I came home and gave it a go in a little corner. It didn't turn out half bad!

I finished the whole dining room - it seriously only took maybe an hour. Of course, I had a little help with a little Mouse. For the record - Mouse is my daughter's nickname. I don't have a little colony of mice running around like Cinderella. Though, if they could sew and clean and do all of my other chores...

After I was done with the dining room, I decided to give this a try in the bathroom. I went back to Home Depot and bought more wallpaper and wooden moulding. I used the corner miter and saw to cut the moulding myself, then I put a coat of primer on. Then caulk around the edges of the sink.

(ignore the linoleum. I HATE it - but, it's a rental. What's a gal to do?)

I *STILL* haven't put my actual paint on...but I'll get around to it. Once the kids are in school next week, I suppose! I can't imagine trying to paint with the Mouse and the Monkey running loose........

This post links up to the DIY party over at A Soft Place to Land. It's not completely finished, but it'll do. I'm pretty proud of having done it myself. :)


  1. That's cool. I haven't seen that. Does it actually have texture like beadboard? I might have to give that a try in my hallbath...I'm headin' to Lowes! ;)

  2. I love it. I am going to my mom's next week to help her redo her kitchen, paint her cabinets and island, etc. I am going to try to talk her into this on the ends of her cabinets and the island. I think it would look great. Home Depot here we come! Thanks.

  3. Happy squeals~well done!

    Come by and see my Pottery Barn inspired typography basket.

  4. What an improvement! I also saw that on Rhoda's blog and was wondering what other people thought.

  5. Thanks, y'all!

    Kathy & Becky, how did it turn out?